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Why now?

We are at a crossroads where the road to acceptance of LGBTQIA+ artists – without bias based on gender or orientation – is possible and probable. Now is the time to broaden the lane that has been created by pioneers such as k.d. lane, Indigo Girls, Brandi Carlisle, T.J. Osborne, Ty Herndon, and others, into a road filled with promise, equality and inclusivity.

By creating opportunities for LGBTQIA+ artists to share their voices, we can also create opportunities for them to connect, one-on-one or in groups with local Pride organizations, raise awareness of programs that help families navigate a world dominated by social media, prejudice, and misunderstanding.

Why does eQuality Events hope to accomplish?

We amplify the voices of artists that have been marginalized and develop programs and partnerships to create safe, welcoming spaces for these voices to resonate so they can be heard. These events range for the curation of festival stages, creating large concerts and tours, listening rooms, participation in fundraisers, and opportunities to engage with local Pride-based organizations.

What does eQuality Events do?

Create extraordinary opportunities where music can transcend gender, identity, genre, color, or who you love. It creates safe, welcoming, authentic, and affirming concerts and events that build communities and celebrates how music keeps us in tune with who we are and who we aspire to become. It seeks to change the narrative, create lanes, and open minds so that we focus on how being human is what unites us as human beings.


Our mission is more than one note, it is to leverage music to create a bridge to human connection.

What are the long-term goals?

eQuality Events is creating a lane for LGBTQIA+ artists to showcase talent, find and share their authentic voice, and build and inclusive, supportive, and positive community where anyone and everyone is welcome. We envision adding programs that address mental health, music therapy and educational opportunities, songwriting contests, mentoring programs, and more.

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