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“Sometimes the best you can do is just piss off the bad guys,” Jason Isbell told a sold-out house at City Winery. “I sleep really good when the bad guys are angry. They’re fired up right now. … They are large mad.”

He was addressing the crowd Aug. 15 at Together in Action, an event featuring a shedload of songwriting talent presented by two Nashville organizations that elevate marginalized people’s voices in music — Country Any Way, launched by Black Opry’s Holly G and Tanner Davenport, and eQuality Events, founded by Richard M. Williams and songwriter Autumn Nicholas. Taking the stage as the lights went down, Davenport explained that the funds raised from ticket sales would be donated to the Tennessee chapter of Moms Demand Action — a national organization allied with Everytown for Gun Safety, which organizes educational events as well as advocating for stricter gun laws through lobbying, protest actions and more. 

WTVF-NASHVILLE — Bonnie Baker, local music producer and songwriter, describes her journey breaking into the music business and how other women can also succeed.

Autumn Nicholas had the audience on its feet with her emotional performance of “On a Sunday.” The real-life story song was inspired by Nicholas as an 11-year-old. As a child, she was often told Girls wear dresses … If you wanna be pretty then follow along. The memorable ballad of standing your ground was just as anthemic as it was vulnerable as she sang the house she thought was home / it felt so lonely. With powerhouse vocals and emotive lyrics while backed by the Rainbow Coalition Band, Nicholas’ rising star was evident at Bridgestone Arena.

The first annual Toast the Rainbow party at City Winery promises to be the premiere queer event in Nashville this New Year’s Eve. Or should we say, two events?

The evening kicks off with a Writer’s Round dinner show, featuring top-shelf singer-songwriters Autumn Nicholas, Lila McCann, and Chris Housman, before segueing into the big party, hosted by Miss Kennedy Ann, featuring queer country stars Shelly Fairchild, Ty Herndon, and “special guests”

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