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Who We Are

We are a community of artists, influencers, marketers, and allied humans and companies that believe no one voice should be silenced or muted. That who you are is more important than who you love, the color of your skin or what pronoun represents the authentic you.


Created by Richard M. Williams and Autumn Nicholas, eQuality Events is supported by a community of advisors and partners including Jacee Badeaux, Tracy Gershon, Bonnie J. Baker, Jordan Brooke Hamlin, and Joy Collingbourne.



Amplify the voices of artists that have been marginalized and develop programs and partnerships to create safe, welcoming spaces for these voices to resonate so they can be heard. 

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We help foster understanding, acceptance, and equality for LGBTQIA+ artists independent of gender, identity, and genre, that the music matters, and the songs and stories created are vital to our understand of the human condition. 

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