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Providing a Lift to Marginalized Artists

Any person with a song to sing should have the ability to be heard. The challenge today is that some artists aren't given that chance because of who they love, how they identify, or the color of their skin. At eQuality Events, we are focused on creating opportunities for these songs to be heard, for these artists to resonate so music fans can find them. We were excited to create Nashville's first NYE Concerts at City Winery on December 31, 2022. During the planning and preparations, we found we have more work to do than expected, as we look to create safe, welcoming programs and events. for anyone that wants to enjoy amazing music - whether this person is part of the community, an ally, or someone who might be open to new experiences.

For us, it's important for everyone to feel comfortable, not just members of the community, so that the barriers that have kept so many incredible artists marginalized fall away. Over the next few weeks and months, we hope to share news about some bold next steps for eQuality Events as we look to share voices, create communities, and create stages for artists the world should know, but don't....yet.

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